Tessell Fish Studio.

A passion for planning, organising and a deep love for creative output.

Why use this website?

For me, I’m going to use it kind of like Dropbox/google drive for sharing all of my products but a way that I can still be supported and fund myself.

For you, it’s a simple way for you to get easy access to great digital planners and notebooks. For the price of one planner, you get access to EVERYTHING (current year planners and all notebooks).

Etsy is great. Great for buyers and sellers. Products look great and the transaction process is super.
Facebook is wonderful for communities. A wonderful place for sharing ideas and communicating.

This website is for the those truly amazing people who have bought several of my planners. No need to buy twice…for one yearly subscription you can have access to EVERTHING I make in that year. All planners, all notebooks, all variations, all updates as well as early access to monthly planners.

I will still be using Facebook as a first point of conversation and community and still be using Etsy for people who prefer that platform.

This is also a tremendous opportunity for me to learn new skills…I want to make this website stunning and functional.

2021 planners
Zoom 2021
Tessell One Planner
Tessell Mobile Planner
Multi-year Planners

Notebooks (standard 55)
— Coming soon–
Legacy notebooks

Monthly Planners